Citizen Journalists and the News


The World Wide Web has become one of the most important channels of propagation of news, especially during times of government crackdowns. While traditional media outlets are easily shut down, the use of mobile devices is difficult to detect, and this has led to a new breed of citizen journalists. These citizen journalists are breaking news about the events that matter to them, whether they’re related to politics, extreme behavior, or weather.

Extreme behaviours

Extreme behaviours in the news are becoming increasingly common. These behaviours are triggered by a variety of events. They can be related to prominent visitors, partisan activities, or news events. For instance, the recent visit of Pope Francis to the Vatican sparked a spike in offensive comments on social networks.


Grady University students recently completed a capstone requirement in the course “Money in the News” during which they focused on reporting personal finance stories. The articles they wrote were published through the College Connect program, operated by the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW). The National Endowment for Financial Education supported the program. One student’s article, written by Jeanne Davis, was selected as one of the top submissions.

Food and drink

If you’re a food and drink company, you’ve likely heard about Food and Drink News magazine, one of the leading trade publications in the UK. The magazine caters to the entire spectrum of food and drink companies.


The representation of crime in the news is influenced by several factors. One is class conflict and ideology. Media control reinforces the interests of the ruling class and marginalizes dissenting voices.

Weather affects the daily routine of people

Weather has a strong effect on a person’s mood and daily routine. It can make someone want to stay inside more or want to spend more time outdoors. It can also make the commute to work more or less enjoyable. Some past studies have investigated the effects of weather on people’s mood and energy levels. However, the extent to which weather influences our daily routines is still unclear.

Celebrity stories

Celebrity stories can take many forms, and this collection explores the ways they are narrated and produced. It combines a variety of primary and secondary sources to analyze different methods and audiences for narrating life. The authors also examine the characteristics of the texts produced from these narrative strategies. Their findings suggest that celebrity and real life stories often share similar motivations and methods.